Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring 2012 School Programs: Finished Work!

Our spring 2012 school programs are now wrapping up and student artwork is filling the hallways of P.S. 15 and Brooklyn New School!

Throughout March, April and May, teaching artists Meghan Keane and Lance Paladino revisited students in their classrooms, where they expanded upon and completed the drawings they started in the gallery. Using their original observation drawings, photographs of their temporary "imagination" drawings, and new materials such as wooden sticks and cray pas, the students created colorful, multimedia scenes of things they would like to try in the future. Have a look at their creativity in action:

We are pleased to see such rich and varied work, with each child taking an individual approach to his or her artwork. Throughout spring, the students explored two types of drawing and reflected upon their own personal histories to prompt creativity from their memories and imaginations.

We are so very proud of our talented students and can't wait for more exciting programs in the fall!