Friday, October 8, 2010

Kentler/RHI After School Artmaking Adventures Continue

As mentioned in my first blog post, students participating in the current K.I.D.S. + RHI after school program are exploring color and texture to create a mood. Inspired by the Kentler exhibition of work by installation artist Ilene Sunshine
the students are exploring the idea of creating art  that is both TEMPORARY and SITE SPECIFIC. Our final after school project will involve creating an installation. Students will work in the BCS classroom using all the drawings made over the course of the seven week session. They will wrap two tables, Christo-and-Jean-Claude-style, with their drawings that explore mood. One table will be positive moods (happy, excited, vibrant) and the other will explore negative moods (sad, disappointed, somber).
We will see if our audience can tell that we are using color differently in each table!

Check out a great video about the installation works by Ilene Sunshine and Mary Ting here that are inspiring our after school project!

Check out Wikipedia's definition of installation art here.

Until next time,

Teaching Artist, K.I.D.S. After School