Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cake Contest 2011:Contestants

Kentler celebrated its Birthday this year with lots and lots of cake!  Our neighbors at Baked (an award winning bakery) made gorgeous cakes and we ate it with glee, joy and multi-generational-sugar-heaven spirit.

The kids drew pictures of their ideal cakes as part of our first ever cake design contest for kids.  The winning cake design will have their cake baked by Baked and the winning designer will get a free slice.  You can have a slice too but you have to check in here to find out when it will be made and then you have get on down to Red Hook.  Oh, and unless you're the winning designer, you'll have to pay for your slice (or two-Baked cakes are DELICIOUS).  

These are the contestants.  Which one would you vote for?